Reno Tahoe Tonight Article (October, 2013) Blog

Reno Tahoe Tonight Article (October, 2013) Blog
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Get Your Google Together

[quote align=”center” color=”#999999″]If your business is not claimed, claim the business.[/quote]

In recent months I have spent a lot of time working with customers to clean up their Google profiles.   This is due to in part to Google’s product evolution over the past couple of years adding Google+ and changing Google places.  Also, I have noticed a commonality among users to add Google products as they need them.  For example, a recent client had a Google places page set up by one employee, YouTube set up by another, and a Google+ account they didn’t know existed.  Combining accounts can be time consuming and at times difficult but it is very important for your business to have a cohesive account, not only for ease of use but for better search results for your business.  Below are Google properties you want to have and how to make sure they are set up properly.

When looking for your Google properties, it will ask you to login and will prompt you to put in your Gmail account.  You can set up an account without Gmail and if you want to do that, use this link

Google Places:  Most local businesses have a Google places account but to double check if you have one, you can go here and search for your business.  If your business is not claimed, claim the business.  It may prompt you to then set up a Google+ page.

YouTube:  visit and create a channel.  Even if you don’t have videos now, you still want a channel so you can add videos later.  It is always easier to create your account then add to it after the fact.  Once you have finished creating your YouTube channel, customize it by adding your website and social media sites.  It will prompt you to add a Google+ page as well.

Google Plus:  You must have a personal Google profile to create a Google plus page for your business.  Once you have a Google+ profile created, use the menu on the left to find “pages”.   From here, you can create a Google+ page for your business.  If you have a local business already set up with a Google places account, it will search for the business and ask you to verify.  It will also auto fill your Google+ page with information from your places account.

From here, go back into your YouTube Channel and from the settings tab, connect your YouTube account to your Google plus account.

If you find that you have some of the above accounts set up but don’t have access it might be time to call your social media professional who can sort out the confusion and re-link your accounts properly.  If you have questions about your set up, feel free to email me at

Do you have a digital topic you’d like me to write about in a future column?  If so, please let me know by emailing me at

-Amber Howland
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Amber Howland is General Manager of Dragonfly Media, based in Reno, Nevada.  Dragonfly Media works with small to medium size businesses to increase their digital influence through SEO/SEM, social media management, website/app development, and email marketing.